As a sign of gratitude to the people helping to push our business forward and drive us into the future, we want to extend some forms of giving back for all your help. We at Wine Driver Napa-Sonoma Valley pride ourselves in making the ENTIRE experience with our company to be something memorable even long after your last tour has ended. In the chart below please take a look at these incentive programs for sending Wine Driver Napa-Sonoma Valley referrals. 



Incentive Referral Program for our Guests and Industry Connections

Referral Program Guidelines

-After the third referral, you can be shipped a bottle from one of our favorite wineries of our choice (we won't disappoint), with one of the varietal's of YOUR choice. We love boutique wineries and you can never can go wrong there,  but if you still have a specific preference, let us know and we will see how we can accommodate you.

- After the 5th referral, you receive a free wine tour for yourself or as a gift, with normal gratuity not included, a maximum of 6 hours free, and after the 6th hour normal rates of $40, $45, $50 per hr. do apply. 

- After the 15th referral, you get access to our exclusive Condominium right across the California-Nevada border in the beautiful town of Genoa, Nevada. Just a short drive from the Cal-Neva border in downtown Lake Tahoe, and several large stores and casinos just a 15 minute drive away in Carson City. The Condominuim is located at David Walley's Hot Spring Resort with mineral baths a full spa, and a large master bedroom sweet with two queen beds in adjacent room. This room has all the amenities: a full kitchen, outdoor gas grill, an indoor dry sauna, a steam shower and large bath tub.